Dom Gościnny Blue Mielno
76-032 Mielno
Ul. Norwida 11
Tel: +48 508 641 921
E-mail :


Come and see a beautiful, quiet spot in Mielno, the summer capital of Poland. Blue is located in a quiet and tranquil villa quarter of the beautiful town of Mielno. We invite you to stay in cosy, fragrant rooms in a Guest house located at Norwida 11 in Mielno. It is a three-storey building with 8 rooms to rent to our visitors. Rooms with and without bathrooms are available (shared bathrooms). On each storey, there are new kitchenettes with refrigerators and microwave ovens. On each floor, clothes irons and ironing boards are at your disposal. Each storey is also fitted with pleasant atmosphere. Holiday makers also have a washing machine and driers at their disposal. Rooms are clean, bright, fresh, and cosy. Naturally, each room is fitted with TV and WiFi.
Outside the building, there is a garden, with enough space for everyone. You can relax and enjoy the sun, drink some beer with your loved ones, or grill some meat. We also dispose of a garden full of surprises for children and adults.